1.- Remove the SIM card and turn off the bluetooth of the iphone, turn off the bluetooth in all nearby devices

2.- Open safari -> type: apple.unlockfmi.com -> click Download FiddlerRoot certificate> Click Allow Download

3.- Turn on WIFI (but don't enter password) -> Choose wifi name -> click (i) choose http Proxy -> choose Manual -> Server: apple.unlockfmi.com -> Port: 8877 -> Keep

4.- Go back to the WIFI name that the proxy has already configured before -> enter the password and connect WiFi normally

5.- Settings -> General -> choose Profiles -> choose "FiddlerRoot certificate" click "install" -> click DONE

6.- Configuration -> General -> choose Information about -> choose Certificate Trust Settings -> choose "FiddlerRoot" and click ON

7.- Settings -> choose Apple ID -> choose iCloud

8.- Send us the iCloud ID (Email)

9.- Quickly, in contacts, calendars and reminders, click on deactivate (click on keep find my iphone / ipad)

10.- Now activate contacts, calendars and reminders again contact us

And that's it, enjoy your OFF :)